I've dealt with a ton of great people. Here's a list of the pages I have bookmarked.

Eldorado Games
eBay Listings: Coin - Operated
C&P Distributing - Amusement Parts
David Countryman's home page
Bob Roberts
GW Trading Home Page
Frogman's Arcade
Arcade Restoration Workshop
TNT Amusements
Arcadiabay (German supplier)
Appolo's Arcade
Lawnmower Man's Toolshed
Spies Arcade archive
The Killer List of Video Games
The Video Arcade Preservation Society

Other points of interest:
Stuff for sale
Stuff I'm looking for
My collection
Screen shots of arcade games
Classic Arcade Game Artwork (CAGA)
The Dead Battery Society
My newbie FAQ
Random information I've gathered

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